Hi. I'm the author of the article on Gunsmithing. I notice there is some discussion on some of the content (some of which I agree with) and some was removed. I based the bulk of the article on 35 years as a gunsmith - some part-time, some full, and extensive experience with visiting European and American craftsmen (and women) engaged in the high end of the art. I don't get involved in Wiki, but the article before my additions was full of bias and some just plain disinformation. (BTW_ I did the section on the BATF compliance - I strictly follow all firearms regulations and do not tolerate disobeying the law; whether I agree with it on not.) I wrote it (the article) then got heavily involved in going back taking college courses, and between them, a day job, and the shop, could not return to the subject. I'd like to revisit it if I might, but frankly, I don't know where to start. For example; I have over 400 differnet books on gunsmithing in my library. Most of what I posted was referenced or paraphraised from one or more of them,but I have no idea on how to post the references. Where do you start? Are there any tuitorials available? I'm posting this here as I have no idea how to post to your "Talk" page (and actually just found out about it through a friend. He didn't know either. ) I just created a page under "Campchair" Please help. Thanks