This page is intended as a relatively informal list of links or contact information for any suppliers of products in any way related to effects work. If it grows exceedingly large, it will be subdivided into categories, but for now, whatever organization that evolves on it's own should be sufficient.

I'd also like to create individual pages dividing suppliers by each country/region. You'll find that most of these websites are happy to ship worldwide, but to save shipping costs, the country/region from which the company is based is listed in brackets when available. If no location is listed, you can probably assume it's the United States. If you're bothered by this project's amerocentricity, feel free to fix it :)

General Makeup/FX SuppliesEdit

Plastics, Silicones, and other raw materialsEdit

Dispencing tips,cartridges and syringes[silicone appropriate]Edit

Dental SupplyEdit




Prefabricated ProstheticsEdit


Educational ResourcesEdit