Your local retail pharmacy can be an excellent source of materials related to special FX production. Many stores aquire the majority of their stock from 3rd party pharmaceutical warehouses. Often, even with low volume pharmacies, they place orders nightly, and recieve shipments the next business day. Therefore, even if they don't have a product in stock, it may be worthwhile to have them order it for you instead of shipping it yourself through online catalogs.

Some base materials are sold for compounding purposes only, and laws and company policies are unclear on their ability to distribute these products without prescription.

Unused prescription bottles are ideal for storing preprepared ingredients. They are made from foodgrade plastics that resist corrosion and filter UV light. They are airtight and come in sizes from 8 to 80 drams (don't ask why they use drams). Tubs and liquid bottles are available in still larger sizes.

List of items attainable from retail pharmacies Edit

Note: this list may vary based on your local laws and their suppliers