Petroleum jelly, also known as white petrolatum or by it's popular brand name Vaseline, has a myriad of uses in the Special FX industry. It is a petroleum based lubricant that is minimally reactive.


  • An effective emmoliant or moisturizer on the skin or lips. although it isn't readily absorbed into the skin like other products such as glycerol.
  • A common release agent in the molding process.
  • A barrier to keep adhesives such as prosthetic adhesive or liquid latex from sticking to body hair.
  • A makeup remover.
  • A glossing agent.
  • A hair pomade.
  • According to Esther Williams' Autobiography, petroleum jelly was used on swimmers' hair to keep the elaborate hairstyles pristine even when submerged.

In general, petroleum jelly should not be used directly on latex products as it can weaken and dissolve them. This can reduced through the use of powder or castor oil.