Nose Putty is a hard waxy substance which becomes pliable with heat. It is molded directly onto the skin in simple three-dimensional makeup. Because it does not stretch, it is only an effective material when used on parts of the body that do not flex, such as the nose, the tip of the chin, and the top of the forehead. It is also nearly impossible to mold to a paper-thin edge, it is extremely difficult to create a convincing effect up-close. Nose putty also does not react well to the heat of stage lighting, which can cause it to melt and deform. Care must be taken not to touch the effect during use. Nose putty traditionally is tinted pink, but other colors have been made.

Tips and TechniquesEdit

  • Nose putty usually comes in a small tin. This tin may be floated over a small layer of simmering water as a makeshift double boiler. At higher temperatures (I have not measured it yet, but I would estimate at around 150 degrees farenheight), nose putty melts to a thickened liquid. however, it must be allowed to cool until it is safe to apply to skin
  • Unless you intend to mix it with something, an easier way to warm it to a point where it's sculptable is just to keep the tin in your pocket for about 15 mintues before you intend to use it.
  • Unlike derma wax, nose putty is only trivially self-adhearing. A common technique is to first apply a layer of spirit gum, or more effectively, apply a layer of of spirit gum, press in some cotton fiber which serves as reinforcement. The nose putty can then be worked into the cotton, holding it securely.
  • Because putty wax is lipid-based, it should be initially molded with water-based lubricants. oil-based lubricants will dissolve the putty, resulting in a gooey mess.

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