Template:Allergen Latex is a naturally occuring colloidal suspension extracted from various plants. Most notable of which is the rubber tree.

Liquid LatexEdit

Is a processed version of the suspension containing various additives:

  • Water: a thinning agent which also lengthens curing time.
  • Ammonia: A stablizer and preservative
  • Miscellaneous solids: add body and strengthen the cured product.
  • Pigments: liquid latex now comes in a wide spectrum of colors

Ammonia free liquid latexEdit

This product uses alternative stabilizers making the product less irritating when applied directly to the skin. In general this is the reccomended product to use when the liquid is used on or near the skin or eyes.

Balloon latexEdit

As can be expected, this is the latex used to create baloons. It has a higher tensile strength that regular latex, and is more elastic, allowing it to return to it's shape when stretched with only minor distortions.

Mask LatexEdit

Most commonly used when making slush cast masks. This form of latex contains a higher volume of solids

Body paint latexEdit

Sold under various names. These are usually tinted forms of liquid latex. They are marketed to the fetish community and body painters. They often use inferior grades of latex, containing higher concentrations of ammonia than what would be sold by professional cosmetics manufacturers. They work sufficiently well on the body, but the ammonia makes it not reccomended for the face or sensitive skin.

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