Greasepaint is a thick, oil-based makeup. It is usually applied to the skin with the fingers or a sponge. It blends well before it is set. When using greasepaint to drastically change skincolor, a thicker coating must be applied. It is difficult to get a consistant lifelike texture when used in this manner. For this reason, greasepaint is more appropriate to theatrical makeup as opposed to film makeup or video makeup. However, the look attained with greasepaint is classic for clowns and mimes.

Greaspaint has a glossy sheen that is moderately dulled by setting with face powder. If not set proprerly, greasepaint can melt under the hot lights of the stage. If you want the glossy appearance granted by greasepaint, it may be achieved by brushing a light coat of glycerin as the last step in the makeup.

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