• October 3, 2007: The Special FX Wiki has turned 1! Edits have slowed signifigantly since the project's inception, but this is normal for small projects such as this. Edits from 3rd parties are seen on occasion, and greatly appreciated.
  • November 22, 2006: On around November 6th, I'm happy to find that Google has finally begun crawling some of the nontrivial pages in this project. At this time, I estimate about one third of all current articles have been listed. To see what information Google knows about this site, run a google search on "".
  • October 16th, 2006: I'm pleased to announce that I have just recieved permission from a representative of FX Warehouse Inc. to use their howto content for this site. This is wonderful news as the site contains some excellent information. Since they've already got the turorials formatted, usually complete with photographs, I will usually simply add the site to the appropriate "External Links" section, and use excerpts when appropriate. Anyone using their content on this site should be certain to include a reference at the end of the article to the source page.
  • October 14th, 2006: We got our first outside edit! Granted it was a quick addition of a link to the Suppliers page, but it is most appreciated, and will hopefully be the first of many outside edits for this wiki.
  • September 20th, 2006: At this time I'm just trying to flesh out the major categories and give simple examples of each. I'm the sole editor for now, and until that consistantly changes, I'm not going to worry much about neutral POV. Until I get my Alumni library card processed, my chief resources are the Wikipedia and whatever is floating around my head. The latter of the two I have very little faith in.